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upgrade language

I had translated into Italian dolphin 6.1.6. Now I will upgrade to Dolphin 7. I have to retranslate everything or how can I do to keep the previous file and make only those changes? How?

In Dolphin 7 Administration there is now an option in the Language Administration to create, import, edit, and export. There are some new language keys that were not in Dolphin 6.1x, and some have changed. It's likely that you would need to do the new keys. A lot of the language keys have taken on a format like '_bx_ava_set_as_my_avatar' => 'Set as my avatar',

Since language keys like this were not in Dolphin 6.1x you most likely will need to translate from english 'Set as my avatar' to Italian for a lot of these new keys.

Some keys are the same and you might get by with copy and paste, but I have a feeling that will still be time consuming.

I don't know for sure, but I thought I saw something a while back on creating or importing language files for Dolphin 7. I just can't seem to remember where I saw it or find it right offhand. It could be something else I am thinking of. If I come across the info and link I'll add it to this post.

The bad part is there are so many language keys in Dolphin it could be a very time consuming process.