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tags with "." on end

Hi there

With my dolphin 6.1.6 if i put the tags option on the homepage, it displays alright, but for example under the profiles tags->tab along with the usual random tags there there is also ones it seams to have found with a dot or "." on the end of a name instead of just the tag. there is quite a few of them.
If one clicks a name with a dot on the end of it, it comes up with error 404 not found? I wonder is this a known problem with dolphin, or is there a way to remove the searching . option for tags which would fix my problem and just leave tags with just letters only? I wonder has anyone seen this before?

Thanking you

I haven't seen this one mentioned before. In the homepage tags area is it just the profile tags that do this, or do the others like blogs, photos, etc.?

The tag causing the problem would it seem like it is supposed to have a .(dot) in the tag, or does it seem like dolphin is adding the .(dot) to the tag?

Does your host have mod_rewrite enable and are you using it?

I have some tags that don't end with a .(dot), but they do have a .(dot) included in the tag. I don't recall if it is a profile tag right offhand or not. There is one for sure in a blog tag that is It is either rewritten or redirected to just the tag dialme.

There is a reference in .htaccess for rewriting tags in the root directory /.htaccess
RewriteRule ^search/tag/([^/.]+)/{0,1}$  search.php?Tags=$1 [QSA,L]

Do other mod_rewrite specific pages work like:

Or is it more like:

Also you might check in your admin panel Settings...
Tags Settings

Or if you made any changes, edited, or installed any kind of modifications.

Its just the profile tags that do this.


From what i can see yes its supposed to have the dot in the tag, alot of the ones displayed have that word with the dot

on the end so it is valid on the pageit came from, strange it comes up with 404 then?


My host yes is using mod_rewrite and im using it yes.


>Do other mod_rewrite specific pages work like:

>Or is it more like:


its more like this one from what i can see.


I checked the permalinks and also thought well ill include just the char . maybe i can put a value

there like *. would this do like a wild card to cvatch anything with a . anywhere in a string found? just

by putting . in there it did not recognize this anyways still brought them up.



I have a few blog tags with .(dots) in them, but not many. One blog tag is which works, but redirects from:


The other tag I noticed is 6.1.6 but neither work: (I get a 404 error page not found)

Either dolphin is not liking the tag 6.1.6 because there is not enough characters between the .(dot/dots) or there is some coding issue in /inc/classes/BxDolBlogs.php, or something could also be affecting the mod_rewrite commands in the root .htaccess rewrite rules for blogs.

The blog tag will work for 6.1.6 if I use this method in the address bar:

I guess I don't see .(dot or dots) in any tags that often to have noticed. It's funny that someone else wouldn't have noticed or mentioned this before to boonex.

Or it just don't like .(dots) at all in tags. I was just browsing boonex dolphin 6.1x demo site and any blog tag with a dot in it does not work either.

At the current dolphin 7 demo site which is beta nobody has added a blog with a dot in the tag yet. However, someone did add a back slash and it does the same thing. You can see it here:

On that page the member used the tag: try/test which will 404 error too. Same with the category they choose: try/test and it errors.

So apparently Boonex needs to fix this. It's less common that people use dots and backslashes in tags and categories and such, but it obviously happens.

Perhaps this is one to send a "Bug Report".