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shoutbox issue

i have this problem with my shoutbox,it slows it takes a min to see live post from other users.i wonder if anyone have the same issue i have and how can i slove it.

Hey where is your shoutbox? I checked your site and didn't see it anywhere, guess I must signup to check it and verify. I do have the shotbox elseswhere and it does take a few to update. Usually not long but check your Dolphin admin panel ray suite settings for update interval. I think the default is 60, which means 60 seconds to refresh. If you post it should show up instantly but could take up to the 60 seconds to refresh. Try a lower number if that is what you seek. Maybe 15-20 seconds.


This also plays a little bit on a shared hosts server. Your host may complain a bit if it refreshes too much, but play around with it and see what you can come up with.



Yes you have to sign up to view the shoutbox,anyway let me try the setting see if its working.

Thank you very much.