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inc and mail problem

Hi all

I am running D 6.1.4. My inc folder was deleted by mistake. I got help to reconstruct it and my site is now operational. I still have an outstanding issue. The mail function doesn't work - I don't get notifications that new users have requested to join. Members do not get sent a replacement password. Do you have any idea as to how I can reconstruct the mail function?

Thanks in advance.

If you accidentally deleted you inc folder you might ask your host if they can get you a backup. Hosting providers will have some form of backup. Some daily, weekly, monthly, etc. So if you are having some issues related to the loss of the inc folder, they might be able to provide you with a week old backup. The inc folder shouldn't change unless you have or are making some modifications. Never hurts to ask them or check with them.

Gameutopia, thanks for your reply.

My site is back in business but that was painful. Perhaps you could make some suggestions so that me and others can learn from this mistake.

Getting my service provider involved introduces delays and I would prefer to make some changes that would allow me to assert control over my production environment. That means I must back up my database at the same time I am backing up my directory files.

Is there documentation on, or a an easy way to find out, which folders in the directory:

1. never change, unless you modify them directly yourself

2. change once after install

3. are dynamic and should be backed up anytime you back up your database?

Wouldn't this make a relevant topic for a tutorial? I am, I think, representative of the dolphin customer base - I am fluent with the dolphin control panel and can do code mods when told what to do. Aside from that, I have no idea how the whole thing hangs together. Feeling confident that, should a similar problem occur, I'd be able to handle without having to rely on a service provider or a developer, means a lot to me. I am currently running D4.1.6 and will be keen to implement D7 which looks like a much more complicated environment to maintain.

Warm regards

I don't think there is much documentation on this. The more you can do without involving the host the better. Some hosts are very fast but this is rare. Most fall into the average to slow category, so keeping up on this yourself can be a big time saver. Some hosts have downloadable backups available in your host control panel, others don't. Backing up files yourself can be time consuming and very large if you have a lot of music and video uploads.

If you have vps or dedicated with root access you can automate backups, but it sounds like this probably isn't what you have access too.

So that either leaves the backups your host happens to do for you. Hopefully it's at least weekly, and manually downloading files yourself.

If you have linux web hosting you should be able to automate database backups.

It's a matter of managing backups and keeping them up. Sometime people start off good but later decide that it's kind of time consuming and they never needed one before. Same with windows home pc's. If they are not kept up and managed then they really don't do a whole lot of good.

If I get some spare time I will see what I can do about writing some up.

Your reply is much appreciated.