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how to transfer a user profile details

In Dolphin7 how to transfer a user profile details from one website to another using without using the database backup option in admin control pannel..

There really isn't a super fast and simple way of transfering a profile from one site to another. You can export the member in particular from the database and insert it into the new or other site. The table structure should be the same on both sites or you will have problems.

The profile table only contains the basics for the member. It will not include wall posts, comments, photos uploads, videos, forum posts, etc. If the member has other activity then you will have more work to get all of these.

If you have a new dolphin 7 site and you wish to import members from dolphin 6.1 there is the data migration module in dolphin 7.

Otherwise if it is just one member, it could be faster to just create them in the new site, and copy and paste info from the other.