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Any idea's why my orca forum wont display correctlly with firefox 3.0.4???

This forum is ok.

My form is also basically stock except for the mod that auto expands topics.

Any idea's at all ?


Hard to say for sure. This forum works for me with firefox 3x and ie6x. Most other orca forums I visit are fine too. If your host does not have xsl/xslt compiled then you get some messed up code on the forum. Others get a blank page when others are not compiled into php.

The 2 biggest things about Dolphin is Ray video uploads and the Orca forums for some reason. It seems one host has everything setup and compiled, while another host has a slightly different setup.

You might double check with your host on all the requirements. Sometimes if one is not enabled or compiled they will do it for you. While others refuse to work with you.