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Got ripped off today by user on

Paid for the mod "last users to login" and still not able to download ??

Says i havent paid yet.

No answers to my several emails from neither the seller or

Real nice!

Just bent right outa shape about getting ripped off.

What are you trying to accomplish or what does the mod do exactly - maybe somebody here can help, I have gotten pretty good at modding this script - and gameutopia has been good at it since I've been here

Praveen used to be very active at unity in the forum. I haven't spent as much time there as I used too but I haven't noticed him around as much lately. If I remember right he does run some kind of hosting company, probably smaller scale and I think he might be in Indial or somewhere nearby.

People come and go to Dolphin. I would give him the benefit of the doubt, but you just never know.

Well i did end up getting the mod.

The apparent delay was suppose to have been on expertzzz part im told.


The mod is very poor for

He includes two files pre-modded which is useless to my site as i have already modded these files and would have to back track to see what changes i have made and so on.   Big pain.

It is a mod that will show the lastest users that have logged on.........  will display on main page.

Bad news is,  I did upload his files as a test and it still dosent show nothing on the main page.

Zero instructions aswell on how to even use the mod or anything.

Another 30$ out the window..........    I did play with it for sometime but have no luck with it.

I get much much better turn out by just asking others questions on how to get what im looking for rather then buying mods.  I actually dont think i boughten one mod yet that works outa the box.  All have issue's of some sort.   Then they want money to install and fix for ya...........    Complete joke!

Oh BTW ......... email me if your interested in any mods.....   I now have over 100 of them  lol


Praveen used to be very active, but I haven't seen him around as much lately. Expertzzz downloads and pay system does screw up I wouldn't say frequently, but more often than it should. It's kind of an old system now that really needs a tune up soon. I have seen some mods like this before. They are good for a default install, with no customizations. Some of them tend to be out of date or not updated very often either. Part of that is due to expertzzz system again, not as user friendly as it could be. Last time I looked you can't even delete a mod that was uploaded. You can turn it off, but not totally delete/remove it. So while others can't see it if it is turned off, the modder may still have to go through a ton of files just to find the one they want to update.

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