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email problem



Thanks for all of the great info on your site.


I have an email problem that I’m struggling with and I was wondering if anyone else had encountered the same problem or has any ideas for a fix.


All of the emails functions from my site are not working.


I do not get any notification emails, members do not get emails, “contact us” email page gives an “email send failed” message and so does “tell a friend”


I looks like a total email collapse.


Emails sent to the site email address work, so I guess it’s not a server problem.


Any ideas????




I do see a few posts on boonex unity about mail issues. I never followed them too much, but I do see them once in a while there.

I know when I test the "tell a friend" page/form it almost always ends up in a junk mail box or is not received depending on the email account it is being sent too.

When I test things using my personal email address through my internet service provider, I will receive the first 3 after that the 4th + my isp blocks temporarily for aprox 15 minutes. If I send a 4th and more I never receive them. I have to wait 15 minutes and try again.

One host I had a while back the particular server my site was on was blacklist be someone else on the server was doing something they weren't supposed. That got everybody else's account blacklisted on the entire server. It took them a while to get off the list. As a result of being blacklisted on many hosts and sites automatically blocked anything originating from that server/ip/host. Kind of a bummer over someone else spamming. I know at the time a lot of people were not receiving email to some of the national email providers.

Did you also try changing the email addresses/addresses you originally setup dolphin with to something different just to test in /inc/

Yes I looked on the utility and put a post up there too.


I’ve not seen any solutions up there that applied though.


I’ll try the email address change and see if that allows any mail through.




I was looking at another script where someone wasn't receiving their emails. This was on the receiving end and not the sending part.

But what they did was create a forwarding email in their hosting control panel, after doing so they claimed they started getting their emails again.

This wasn't a Dolphin script. It was a wordpress script if I remember right. Anyway another thought.

I tried changing emails address in inc/………but no luck


I feel it’s a global problem as I am not getting any emails when new members join and the members don’t get a welcome email either.


I set the internal messaging to notify and send message to members email address and internal mail box.


The message arrives in the members internal mail box but nothing arrives to there email address to notify them.


I have managed to sneek around the “contact us” and “tell a friend” by replacing the forms with an iframe and external script which works…….but does not solve the problem.


I also tested  the crons and got a “200-the test was OK”.


I’ve not had anything back from the boonex forums yet….but I live in hope.


Are there any specific server setting I should check???? Globals are off and safe mode is off……..and as I an using dolphin 6.1.4 I would have thought that the .htaccess should be up to date…..


I’m rambling….but I’m stuck..........

I know I saw something about an email problem a while back in the forums. I just don't recall where or if it was a similar problem to what you are describing. I have never had a problem with email at any host I have ever used Dolphin. It just worked strait with a default install. No editing files or modification of any kind. I've read a few mail issues in the forums in the past, but I wouldn't say it's a common issue, as I don't see them that often.

.htaccess shouldn't be an issue with mail. Most of it is pretty much just mod rewrite related.

I wonder if your host has the server configured to prevent some automated email scripts.

I vaguely remember something about smpt or port settings mentioned somewhere.

I understand your frustration it would drive me crazy too.