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css questions

First: I changed around the css to get the look I wanted from the Dolphin, but the groups forums isn't accepting the changes, the regular orca forums changed, but if you select new post through groups then there is no background. Where can I find the css for the groups forums.



Second: I changed #f_header h2 to change the font color above forum post, but when you hit post reply, that text is inheriting the font color from body in main.css. Where can I change the section that says "post reply" above posting the reply. It looks like it says h2 but it made no difference when I changed that - it was still inherted from body?

You can find the groups css file located at:


You may have to compile the groups "en" language file in the groups admin area which is a different administration link than orca forums. You probably have that area figured out though if you are messing with groups.

Second part...

I am guessing you mean when you click the "Post Reply" button you want to change the actual text color for the text of "Post Reply" right above the editor.

If so the h2 in /orca/layout/base/css/main.css should do it.

The part you need to do after making the edit is to login to dolphin admin panel, go to the orca admin area and be sure to compile the language the little "en" in the upper right corner.

This writes your changes to /orca/layout/base_en/css/main.css

If you have a host with php as cgi you can directly edit that particular file and directory, but you shouldn't. If you have a php apache module host you won't be able to.

The reason that you shouldn't even if you have php as cgi and can is if you do not make the change in /base/css/main.css and later go to your orca admin and click the "en" you will recompile without the changes.

So no matter which type of host you have you should edit the base folder files then compile language then refresh the page to see if the change worked. It's a real pain and time consumer.

Same goes for groups. You will have to do the same in the groups folder, then compile groups admin area.

To get to the group admin area so you can compile "en" there. First login to admin panel the usual way. Then, type

The only issue I had when trying:






Is that it did work in firefox, but not in ie6. I would suspect that it would work in ie7 but I don't have it to verify. Almost everything I do firefox works better than any ie.

One thing about this script is every browser seems to display or do something different. I never tried safari, opera, or google chrome yet either so who knows how they look.

On a side note I did notice about your forums is it does display different in ie6 compared to ff3.

The main forum area looks normal, but:

Are not centered, they are left aligned. But in firefox they seem to be aligned in the middle of the page.

Go figure like I said one browser does one thing and another something else. Some 3 column layouts I've noticed really mess up in ie6. IE6 is slowly fading, but it is still used often.

Sorry to ramble on.

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