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contact us

I really like your contact us page.

Any chance of sharing how you put it together?



The contact page is powered by a support ticket script. It's called Eticket. Totally free and a very small easy to install script. The style and layout can easily be changed too with a couple of small edits.

Here is the link:

A similar one that is free last time I checked is osticket. It looks almost the same. It does have a few more config options in the admin area. This one has a support forum following too.

Here is the link:

I like eticket for the small size and simplicity. It does what I need and for me it is better than the standard dolphin contact us forum.

I get a lot of email per day so this makes it much easier to track and get back to people.

It uses email piping which is handy. Someone can use the contact us form/page, or directly email and it will get piped into the support ticket system. Then, it notifies the recipient that I got their message and it notifies me that I have a new ticket.

When replying back and forth it allows you to see what has been asked by someone and your answers to their questions all on the same page. So this makes it much easier to keep track of.

You can leave messages/replies in the system as answered for review or to remind yourself. You get new tickets on top answered on bottom.

It probably wouldn't work for a huge company getting hundreds per day, but it certainly would easily handle a small to moderate/medium size site with plenty of activity.

I think it looks much more professional too.

And finally I added a little modification to Dolphin Admin panel so I can check them inside the admin panel if I want. I usually don't, but they are there if I want to check them. I usually just login to its own separate admin panel so I can see it on a much bigger/full sized screen.

Then the link on top to contact us. You can either redirect to where the script is located or just update the link.

Anyway check them out if interested. They are much smaller, and easy to install and configure compared to Dolphin.

Thanks man.

I installed one on another site a while back.

Free aswell and had its own seperate admin panel.

I believe it was called "hesk" or something similar.

Thanks again.

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