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Where are the Boonex Wiki - FAQ's

You would think after nearly 1/2 million Dolphin downloads now that there would be at least a few frequently asked questions wouldn't you?


Dolphin Downloads 12-14-2010


Well maybe there is just too many FAQ's and it would be overwhelming or too much to include on the page.

One thing for sure it does look a little lonely all by itself.


Boonex Wiki Faq


Go to the main Boonex Wiki page:

Select: Documentation (Wiki)

The page will be Documentation Index.

Find the General category, and under it Dolphin FAQ:
Dolphin FAQ

Which takes you to:
Frequently Asked Questions

For some reason it happens to be blank. Guess there are no frequently asked questions yet, or there are too many!

It's not funny, but in away it is funny!