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Templates Help

Hi sorry if i post this here but I REALLY need a help !! the problem is that i want to use template and there have an error when i login and go to my inbox, when i want to navigate on another page i got an error i made a print screen with a Black Arrow:


It looks like you have your mouse over music and mail links are overlapping or on top of one another. I checked the link you posted and it is very difficult to even select one of the subcategories in the menu. For instance if I hover my mouse over the main menu "Groups" then try to pick "All Groups" it is nearly impossible to do. It keeps disappearing when I try to select it. Almost seems like the area that contains the submenu items is not big/high enough. I think what some of these templates whoever made it might have made it for a medium resolution computer monitor or the traditional tube monitors. When you view it with a larger/high resolution flat screen monitor the area of the submenu is reduced so much that the focus and area is reduced so much that it is difficult to see and click.

Could be related to a .css stylesheet. Which dolphin has many of. If you have firefox with the firebug addon/plugin you can inspect the elements of the .css coding for this, and compare it to the default template or other templates which might help you adjust the .css coding for this.

Most likely it is .css related, which can be a real pain to track down. Not only are there a lot of .css pages, but many of the individual style sheets are rather large. So it gets difficult and time consuming to track it down. Firebug can help you a lot and save you time.

Otherwise you might ask the person that made this if they have any suggestions since they put it together and are probably more familiar with it.