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Some Boonex and Unity Issues

OK without complaining too much, I do have a couple of issues with the Boonex Unity site.

When I post a forum topic or reply to a forum topic I have to use firefox, but when I do paragraph breaks it don't work at all. When I post a blog I have to use internet explore 6 just to get the thing up there, but it don't let me do certain things. I can not edit it with ie6, I then have to come back and edit it with firefox. This is just too much work. Most average members aren't going to go through all the hassle. I am getting to the point where I am not going to bother much more either, it's just too much work for something so simple.

If I flag a topic in the unity forums, I can't go back and simply click on my flagged topic. It tells me I don't have permission to view it, I must be logged in. Well I certainly am logged in or I wouldn't even be able to see my flagged to begin with.

Unity also lacks a decent search feature for blogs.

Unless everyone is using internet explorer 7 or something with positive results for everything at unity? I am not a big ie fan to begin with. I tried it a while back and I got rid of it. I use ff2 and ff3 regularly along with ie6.

On the dolphin site end...firefox is the only browser I can see and change certain blocks in admin panel. They don't even exist with ie6.

And also almost every dolphin site I visit that has a 3 column layout, especially a template other than the default, never displays right in ie6. I know there is a big percentage of users that have ie 7, but there is still a decent ie6 user base yet. So there is a good chance if you have a custom 3 coulumn dolphin site a lot of visitors are seeing your site as really messed up and not displaying right. Which will certainly discourage them from joining.

Just a few from me!!

Yes,i have the same problem you had,even viewing my mail from inbox i don't seem to click on the link to read the message.

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