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Problems with comments

Can someone help me out...

When users try to post a comment, the comment box doesn't appear and they are redirect on the homepage.

With a url of
is there a way to fix this...

When you refer to comment you mean like on blogs, pictures, profile pages, videos, music etc? If so have you tried or can you comment on or at other dolphin sites on a similar page that you are having issues with? You can try a blog post or picture post while logged in here on this site if you want.

If you can't comment here or at any other dolphin related sites and it does the same thing, then I would suspect it is something to do with your computer settings.

I have seen this happen on a few occasions and it was related to either mcafee antivirus / antivirus suite, internet explorers security and privacy settings. Sometimes a firewall or other blocker can trigger this too. The most common was a result of mcafee's settings though.

It potentially also be some kind of modification, .htaccess modification, hosts setup, etc.

I am guessing you probably use the latest dolphin 6.1.6 with internet explorer?

So first I would verify that you can comment either here or another similar dolphin based site. If you can't or it does the same thing then check mcafee settings if you have it. Internet explorer. Then, any firewall or blockers.

No problem with this site. I tried with other computers and I have the same problem. I have not MacAfee or firewall, use Internet Explorer but I have the same problem with Opera and Mozilla, I have installed original Dolphin 6.1.6. without additions or changes. I can add comments only from the top bar, while other comments and feedback will not work. If you want to see my site is Thanks

I just tried several links on your site. Blogs, Profile Pages, Pictures, etc. with both internet explorer 7 and firefox 3x. The add your comment link was there like it should be. When I click on add your comment the comment box opens for me to type and the submit button is there like it is supposed to be. I didn't post an actual comment as I didn't know if I should or what it says I don't speak Italian.

Anyway it all seemed to work like it should for me. The only other thing I wasn't sure what you were referring to is when you said:

"I can add comments only from the top bar". What exactally you meant by you can add comments from the top bar, but not elsewhere?

Thank you for your interest. When I use Add feedback (aggiungi commento) (in italian add feedback and add comment  is the same) from link at the top or bottom of the site all work but  If I use Add comment (aggiungete commento) will not open the box to write. This happens all over the site where you can add comments (profiles, videos, etc.). If I press the link to return to the homepage but the string at the top becomes #  with # strange. You can enter my site without problems it is free after registration, and write in English as you want. Thank you very much

I see, the English Language works but, the Italian Language the comments don't.

I would check to make sure you properly installed the Italian language file and compiled the language in admin panel. Otherwise, check the Italian file, sql, etc. you got to make sure it isn't for an older version of dolphin. And check the contents of the file or your database for any errors/mis-coding of the particular language file you downloaded.

It sounds like there is a possibility that there is some kind of issue with the language pack you got. It could be a simple mis-typed character or omission. Since the English Language works, and the Italian does not I would start checking that.

I watched the Italian language file that I compiled in admin panel,  and it seems all right. Also the database seems all right But what do you mean by watching the database? In that structure? Do not know what to do ...

I just mean if the language file you got was a sql file that you added to the database you can check either the actual file or the entry's it adds to your database.

Possibly whoever made you Italian Language sql entered something wrong in the sql file which would enter it into the database wrong. Or they used the wrong language key string.

Unless you have manually changed something or edited something on your own.

Looks like you got your commenting problem squared away and fixed.

I solved yesterday. Ichecked all the translation I found 3 strings and comparing strings that I replaced with the 3 original English and I translated it again even though there was no plain error. Everything worked. Then this morning I found the same problem. I replaced the 3 new strings in Italian and everything works again. Very strange. Thanks for your help.