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Problem form contact us and newsletter

I discovered that those who write on the form contact us in the top of the homepage also the title bar says "email was sent sucessfully" when in fact it was not. I do not get administrator and not even get the notification to the user. Same thing in the form of the newsletter on the homepage. User puts his email address to receive the newsletter and subscrive but no one came to the administrator email. Please Help me? My site: Regards

This one gets mentioned often. Sometimes it's just a matter of checking junk mailbox and filters and setting to make sure you can receive it or if happened to land in a junk mailbox.

Check the /inc/ file for email addresses and verify that you entered your address correctly.

If all is well with that, then it gets a little more time consuming to track down. Sometimes it happens to be the way your host is setup or configured.

All the hosts I have ever used dolphin on work with a default install. I know people have issues and ask about this on occasion. I think some get it figured out and never post their solution that could help others. I've followed a few of these topics before, but haven't seen a well written or followed up on solution. The info out there related to this is very sparse.

Check the first two suggestions first as they are quick and simple.