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Parse error

After installing Dolphin exactly how I read  in How to install Dolphin on WAMP There was a pictureDolphin installed, please remove INSTALL directory from your server and reload this page to activate your community site there is massage:Parse error: parse error in C:/wamp/www/dolphin/inc/ on line 172.

What shall I do?

At the time the particular tutorial was written for dolphin 6.1x. Dolphin 7x requires magic_quotes for one now. You can try enabling this in wamps php settings.

Hopefully in the near future if I get some spare time I can update the tutorial for Dolphin 7x and Wamp.

You just need to determine what additional wamp modules need to be enabled to make it work with Dolphin 7.

If you are trying to use dolphin 6.1x and wamp then same thing. Probably a missing php or apache module is not checked in wamp. Possibly safe mode, mbstring, magic quotes are not enabled in your wamp setup.