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Orca Subfolders/Categories Open by Default

Want all your orca forum folders to be open so all your categories are listed and available to see like this site?

If so open:

if (( isset($p['cat']) && $p['cat'] == $r['cat_uri'] ) /*|| 1 == $r['cat_id'] */)

And just comment it out:
//if (( isset($p['cat']) && $p['cat'] == $r['cat_uri'] ) /*|| 1 == $r['cat_id'] */)

After making the change to the file you need to login to your Dolphin admin panel and go to plugins Orca Forum and Compile Languages "en" link in the upper right corner or the orca admin area to update the changes and to take effect. If you have another language you will need to compile the one you are using.

Refresh page...and now they are all open for easier navigation.

Similar line for previous Dolphin/Orca versions just look for similar coding.


Great man thanks a million...


Blows me away how the support forums for boonex wouldnt post this change!


They would rather sneak it into a mod to make money.....


so sad how there support has just gone to people trying to make a dollar...


great to see someone like u posting free info..



How did ya make the main folders text in bold and underlined?

Basically this whole site is the Dolphin default template that I just edited. I didn't edit a lot of files but I did make a lot of edits in each file.

Most of it has been done by editing .css files in various locations. There are a lot of them, it's a matter of finding the right one.

-Most fonts, colors, tables, backgrounds, etc can be changed.

-I edited for slightly more transparent member profile pages when changing background colors or profile picture backgrounds.

-I haven't touched this one, but some people do.

-I edited to make comment member icons larger than the default.

Orca Forums is a little more of a pain.

Edit that file, but after making your changes you do have to login to your Dolphin Admin panel. Go to the orca admin area and compile the language file. Click the little "en" link in the upper right.

You have to do this after each change you make to that file in order to right the changes to the server. This can be time consuming and a tedious task. But this is how it should be done.

I do not use groups currently, but there is a good chance you will have to do the same to groups and compile the language file for them as well. Clicking the little "en" in the group admin area.

-It may be the exactally the same file as the orca main.css file, I haven't checked it.

Basically then just finding the right area in the .css file to edit. Make fonts bigger, change the color, make them underlined, bold, etc.