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Orca Login integrate with Dolphin

Can anybody tell me how to integrate orca with dolphin login. I mean when I login with dolphin id it should not ask for another time login with orca rather it should take the user to orca forum index directly if he is a valid dolphin user.


After logging into dolphin as a registered member and you visit your orca forum you should automatically be logged in there as well. You shouldn't need to or be prompted to login again for orca.

Does this happen only on your site, or other dolphin sites such as here. When you logged into this site then went to the forums to post this were you prompted to login for the forums again?

The reason why I mention this is to see if it is all dolphin sites, which might lean towards some settings on your computer or browser if all dolphin sites do this for you.

If it just happens on your site only, then it would be more about your hosts settings like cookie handling, session hanlers, and things like that. If that is the case then you might consider checking with your host first. You can have a look at your phpinfo file and see if you see anything that would indicate this. You can check it with dolphin 6.1x by going to