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Name change

I am wondering if the guy AndreyP on boonex is the same guy who changed his name

to Andrew Boon, if so his command of the English language increased dramatically

with the name change, have never seen anything like that..

The AndreyP guy is also Aramis you see him sometimes post as Aramis. You will also find his mods on as Aramis. I forget where he is from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. He mentions a site with a .ru extension sometimes. I guess that means Russia? One thing is clear his English oftentimes very hard to understand. Usually he is helpful, but one time I saw him ripping on someone. He told him he needed glasses or something. It was kind of funny

The unoboonex aka Andrey/Sivtsov Andrew/Boon was or is from somewhere over there around Kyrgystan but somehow or other ended up in Austrailia. Which I believe is why you see references to Boonex being an Austrailian company in the footers of their website. I saw some videos of him before and he has a heavy hard to understand accent that was difficult to understand at the time the videos were made. His English is much better and easier to understand than the AndreyP guy.

They also have something to do with Aedate I believe it was called.

It's all confusing and not the clearest in the world. You really don't see an about us page or anything.

Considering that English is not the 1st language in that neck of the woods I guess they do alright.

I do have to read a post he makes sometimes 2 or 3 times to figure what he is trying to say.

Thanks for the reply, that clears up the idea of someone with bad english changing to english name and

becoming fluent overnight. Thanks again..