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How to export user details who is already a member


How to export user details who is already a member ,The exported details must be in notepad format and it should contain download option.If we click the download link it will just download the notpad file along with the profile photo of the member.

also if i try to import it in to another dolphin site it must import there without any problems.

Please help me...

Not totally sure what you are referring to. You can export the database table, phpmyadmin works very well for this. Depending on your host and phpmyadmin you can export to .zip, .gzip, or text file.

You can import that file to another database using phpmyadmin import if the database is the same structure.

I am not totally sure what you are after, but exporting and then importing to another is certainly possible if the database structure is the same such as dolphin 7 to dolphin 7, dolphin 6.1 to 6.1. If to others like the structure is different or other scripts in particular then you will have a problem.

Phpmyadmin is a bit more complex then the dolphin admin panel database management, but it will do much more.

Let me know what you are after in more details and I will try to help you out.

hi gameutopia,

First of all thank you for your quick reply,

let me explain in detail:

I am in need of an module it should do the following

1.At first i just login to my website which is build on Dolphin7.

2.Now I am clicking the "members" which is there on "sitestats".

3.Now it is showing the no of members on my website.

4.If i just click on any one of the member it just display's that member details(profile).

5.Now i need an option in that, SAY-DETAILED INFORMATION(something like that).

6.If i click that "Detailed information" it just read the profile information of that particular member from the database and it should show me   in a text file SAY-NOTEPAD.

7.Also there should be a link in that text file, SAY-DOWNLOAD.

8.If when i click that Download link it should download that text file in such Tex file format or any format(i say as zip or rar file) with the profile image if the member is having,(otherwise no need of profile image).

9.Finally,The downloaded file should becapableof importing in to some other dolphin7 websites if i tend to import the profile information without any problem.

I Think you may understand what i am in need of,Actually i am just a new one to Dolphin7.Just two months before joined as an web developper,Now working in dolphin7..

Any help Greatly appreciated...Waiting for the reply....


With thanks,


There is the Database Backup feature in Dolphin 7 Administration under the Tools menu. (

Here you have the option to backup individual table structure, content, or both. You can select the Profiles individually if you want just the profiles, or others as well.

Then you have the option to:
Save to server
Save to your pc
Show on the screen

Save to your server will create a file in your /backup folder/directory on your host.

Save to your PC will let you download it to your pc. It will be named with a .sql extension, but you can open it with any text editor like notepad, wordpad, etc.

Show on screen will put the database info you select right on the screen that you can copy and paste.

There is also restore and dump features on this Dolphin 7 Administration screen near the bottom.

Some people like the Dolphin Database Backup feature in Dolphin Administration. I have never been a fan of it. I prefer using phpmyadmin to manage, edit, import, export, optimize, query, backup etc. my databases that is available in most hosting control panel areas.

It gives you much more control. It will allow you to see various tables and structure in a much easier to understand manner. It does take a little to get the hang of, but once you do it's pretty easy.

Some things you just can't do in Dolphin 7 Administration, that phpmyadmin will allow you do and make changes fast and easy.

I feel much more comfortable with phpmyadmin's capabilities and accuracy when it comes to messing with the database then through Dolphin 7 Administration Backup area.

It is possible to use phpmyadmin to backup a database, make some changes, and if something goes wrong restore the backup in less than 60 seconds once you know what you are doing and a decent speed internet connection.

But if you just want to see the data, copy and paste it, etc. then the Dolphin 7 Backup Administration might be for you.

I do highly recommend learning phpmyadmin if it is available in your hosting account. It is a very powerful tool.

hi onceagain,

The things i have explained in my second post, should be done only by any of the members in that website via login(who is already a member) to that site and not from the admin control pannel as you have explained.


the things you have explained is done only from the admin control pannel(by the admin only).But i need any of the member in that website should do the export  (his or her)own profile details as he likes from the website itself(not from the admin control pannel as you have explained)including her profile photo if it is there..


i think that i might have to use xml for this to write the coding(i think).


Thak you for the reply.

With thanks,


If you want your members to be able to export all their info from the database you are going to need to do some custom coding.

I don't see how exporting their database info from your site would be of much benefit, because there would be no way for them to import it to a new dolphin site as a general member.

They really couldn't import it to another site running a different script without editing their info because the database tables and structure would be different with a different script. So more customization would be required.

They can download their actual photo if the option is enable and the membership allows that permission.

I guess I just don't see what the usefulness of allowing members to download their info from the database itself. You would obviously want to be careful with something like that.

You don't want people stealing your database, and if you give members access to download some of it then you need to be careful.

To each their own though!

I really don't have an interest in something like this. Perhaps a rss feed maybe.

Maybe I don't totally understand what you are trying to do.

You could post a job request at Boonex in the job section and see if anyone would do something like this.


I think you dont get me correctly,

just check this below link i have uploaded a text file,In that it will be the format what i want exactly if a member needs to export his profile details..

Thank you for the reply


I see what you are saying, I couldn't tell you right off hand a simple way of doing that. You'll have to do some exploring and customizing to see if you can come up with something. I don't recall anyone ever suggesting something like this.