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How To Add Google Powered Search To Dolphin

I am trying to add Google powered search to Dolphin and keep ending up with invalid errors from the Google.

I have tried to use the same tutorial as adding html/java to a new html block in both the nav page builder and the page builder and I keep ending up with errors.

I would like to find a tutorial for this or a free mod somewhere to accomplish this.

I have the search box in my site already that was no problem. I just canot get the search results page to work so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Did you get this figured out? You basically need to integrate the google code you want the search result displayed on into a dolphin page. It takes a little playing around with. You can create a new dolphin page and have the search results displayed on the new page.

Google themselves really need to create better info on how to do this. It's no big deal for static html pages, but they don't provide the clearest instructions for php database driven sites.

Anyway if I am understanding what you are shooting for it is fairly simple and a matter of messing with the google code a little and dolphin page code.

I checked your site and punched something into the search box and it returned results. I don't know if this was a google search box or just a genereal search box on your site though.

I did figure this out and have it working on my site. I actually built a custom search engine that I am using. Once I got it down it was easy to implement.

Take Care and thanks for responding.

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