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Google Adsense links on the footer of every page

Hey gameutopia, I'm digging how you have the single text ads on the bottom of every page. The look is very clean, and offers easy possible clicking for non-members and members. I'm new to Google Adsense, so I'll be playing with it over time. Is this just an easy add to the footer?

Adsense is good and by far the best one out there I think. They do have some pretty strict rules and don't try to pull a fast one on them, they are really smart.

I actually use a couple of different footers. If you set it in the footer it will work for all pages. I didn't want them on every page like the join page. I thought it was too much to have google ads on join. So the join page is served up with a different footer.

Same goes for articles. There is one on the top but not on the bottom. A page like links.php I don't think is really necessary to have google ads on so this one is none same with about us.

Some of your earnings and percentages within google adsense is based on the number of impressions to clicks. I thought it would be better to not be counted on some of these pages that most likely were not going to be clicked anyway thereby raising the percentage ratio.

Same with the articles. I have an ad on the top but none at the bottom, eliminating one of the impressions and hopefully increasing the ratio a little.

Pages that are shorter I consider adding them. Pages that are longer I tend to stick to the top or in view.

Drawbacks of google adsense is you need $100 per payout. For someone getting started without a good flow of traffic it can be frustrating trying to hit that mark. You need traffic for the potential to earn. No traffic = no money.