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Forum Post Not Showing

Recently I installed Dolphin 6.14, Ive enabled fopen however, still the Forum block on the main page not showing. When I looked into the apache error logs,  its failed to open stream, timed out. Im sure my fopen working because other rss are doing fine. Even after using phpinfo, im sure its open. I run a dedicated server. I got a feeling that the package I downloaded using wget might ve been corrupted. I think its corrupted because, in my last 3 installation i see funny characters, on ./inc/BxDvGroups.php (i spelled based on how i think it was spelt), and I saw these funny characters, which I cleaned up and it helps to make the Group page loads faster. Initially theres some eroor message on apache, stating that theres errorr on ./inc/BxDvGroups.php. It works fine after that.

I noticed that theres not many sites on the net that actually shares on these stuff. I guess everyone's busy. lol Smile

Great Site.. I hope this site will be a great place for reference in the future for new comers.

I have noticed a few posts in the past regarding some orca forums work if you use the top navigation links, but they don't display the feed in blocks on the homepage. Same with member and profile pages. The forum block just shows a spinning disk like it's trying to load, but never does. I can't seem to locate the forum thread where I read about this at the moment.

I never really followed the posts too much on these as it wasn't something that I had a problem with.

I know someone that was doing some research on how various servers were setup and compiled. I haven't talked to them lately but they had mentioned that it seemed like there were some differences in the modules php was compiled with depending on whether the server had php configured as apache module or cgi. But if I remember right this only affected whether or not orca worked or didn't work at all. I don't recall it having anything to do with the feed not showing on the homepage.

I do wish someone would publish what exact modules they have php compiled with for an apache module setup and a cgi setup. I don't know why it doesn't get posted. It's not like it is a big secret or anything it's just a php setup and configuration. I think most do not want to post a php info file for the whole world to see maybe. But simple screen shots with any info blacked out they don't want the public to see or a simple text file might prove helpful for many people.

I just realized that u actually replied... lol.. i bet the mail notification that u replied my mail didnt hit my mailbox..

I apologize.. I visited your site everyday. And its amazing how ur really kind to post those infos on setting up dolphin. Unlike Joomla the society has been very helpful. But hey glad that you share your opinion. I kinda think it could either how the php was recompiled or simply the firewall that cause the errors. I will need to recompile i suppose. But hey thanks for the reply. I really love ur site. I think we should help more. I should be able to publish some stuff I know. Thanks again.

I don't think the forums notify you when someone has replied. I working on a mod that will notify a member. Hopefully I can implement this soon.

really..? wow.. i thought it has notifications mail.. well that explains why people in doplhinzz forum are updated.. maybe they forgot to reply.. well i hope ur mod gonna be available soon.. forum is very famous in nings as it will notify everyone if anyone post something new on it

If enabled you can have some kind of matchmaking and cupid emails. Not always suitable for all sites though. Which reminds me I need to double check this on this site when I get a chance.

It would be nice to receive a notification when someone replies to something. I vaguely remember seeing some email mod notifications but all for $'s of course.

It would be nice to receive notification or the option to receive notification when others leave a comment for profile comments, blog comments, audio/video/picture comments and such. It would also be very nice to receive notification when something new was actually posted on a dolphin site. If there were notifications like this members would be more likely to come back and see what's going on.

Anyway I will see if I can add the automatic Forum notifications soon.