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First automated comment for new members!

Alright, I thought this mod was pretty cool when I setup my profile on this site, and would love this to be part of mine. I have already done the mod shown in the articles called the MySpace Tom mod or whatever it was making each new member have their very first friend being whomever you want. That was pretty cool.

When I made my profile here, I saw the first automated "welcome" comment on it. I would love to know how you did that one.

Thanks in advance.

This one I've had for a while now. A fellow dolphin member had sent me this one. They used to send me some to demo and test out before they offered them for sale.

Ahh, I hear ya. I'll try messing around and see what I can come up with. I thought it might have been an easy coding much like the "Tom Myspace" one. If I can't figure it out myself, do you have a link to where they are selling it?

The code is relatively simple, not much to it. Here is the link to the mod at expertzzz:

Auto Comment On New Members Profile

$5, I could swing that. Probably going to bookmark that one to buy after I get a couple more members on board!

Not sure if you are fairly new to Dolphin or not, or if you have been following the new release coming out soon. If you are looking to ad some mods you might want to hold off a bit on the ones that cost. Often times they go and change a bunch of the coding and mods either stop working, they are no longer compatible with the new version, and sometimes mess up your database, depending on what they change.

Nobody really knows until they put it out and people start testing it. The last post I read from the boonex feller's was it was supposed to be out in a few weeks, but it has been close to that or more now.