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Event order


I am looking for a way to make the Events show the event in the reverse order.  For example, I would like the event January 1, 2009 to be ahead (number one on the list) of the event February 1, 2009, and so forth (that is I want the event that's coming up to be listed first).

Does anyone have a mod or a suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

You can change the order from acending to decending or visa versa. If you do this to the homepage block and there is say 5 displaying in the homepage block and you have more than 5 you most likely will never be able to show the 6th one until the first one is removed/deleted. Even thought the date may have passed it will still be at the top of the list and the6th one will never be visible because only 5 would show.

You can look for order by


find the function:

function getBlockCode_Events()

and change it to your needs.

For the other related event pages:

Look for:

There are a few of them you might change DESC to ASC or ASC to DESC.