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Dolphin 7 General

Although there is a lot going on with Dolphin 7 right now since it is relatively new we will do what we can with forum posts. The place for bugs and the majority of support should still be Boonex Unity.


Feel free to post away and discuss what is on your mind.

Posted some free Dolphin 7 mods to my site for my members. Check them out and download them for free!

what diz mean .. if i provide u any module.. can you provide me article users...?

Hey Andrews,

I uploaded some mods to the file section of this site here:

Nothing spectacular that will totally wow you or anything. I used to spend a lot more time on these things and suggest a small donation or fee. I stopped messing with more complex modifications because only a few would actually donate or pay for them. Next thing I know they are posted all over online for free. So I only post a few simple mods that don't require much time or work these days for free. Check them out if you want they are freebee's.

I am a little unsure what you mean by article users? I am happy to look at dolphin modules, providing they are your own work. As for me providing you article users I am not sure what you mean by that.

im ready to provide Deanos-Tools-D7 which i bought from official boonex..

can you arrange me contacts importer...for dolphin 7

im in urgent need of contact importer (inviting friends from email contacts).. any body have please share with me..... i can give other dolphin 7 module Deanos-Tools-D7 ....