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Couple's issue when joining

I am looking for a mod or instructions on how to limit the duplication of certain fields when a member is joining as a couple.  For example, if someone selects couple then they have to fill in the deadline twice, description twice, country twice, zip code twice, etc.  I haven't figured out how to limit this mutual couple option.  Have you figured it out and care to share?

Thanks in advance,



I haven't seen any module or quick simple code modification for this posted anywhere. There are a couple of things that don't seem to make a whole lot of sense when joining as a couple. Why 2 different zip codes? Generally when I think of most couples they live together at the same zip code. Looking for a Man or Woman seems a little unusual too for a couple, but then again it's not unrealistic either.

Some of it you might be able to change from required to not required fields. Certain fields are required to make it work. You could also look into editing some php files to change the way the couple coding works. You might need to do more than one file. Because if you just did the join page, then the profile page might show them as a couple but have a blank area for the second persons information, description, etc. which would look a little unusual.

Mrpowless on solved it for me... much thanks to him for his email.

For those who are looking to solve this issue, it's on line 629:



function _getCoupleMutualFields

$this -> aCoupleMutual = array( 'NickName', 'Password', 'Email' );

Just add the fields above that you don't wanted duplicated when they check being a Couple... below is what I did:



$this -> aCoupleMutual = array( 'NickName', 'Password', 'Email', 'LookingFor', 'DescriptionMe', 'Country', 'City', 'zip', 'Headline', 'Tags' );

Good to hear you found what you were looking for. Mr. P is a very helpful boonex unity member. Thanks for updating this and posting the solution for others. There is a lot of helpful information at boonex unity blogs and forums. Sometimes the solution is difficult to find over there, and if can be a busy site with posts getting buried fairly fast.