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Chat and Shoutbox not working

Hi, My Chat and Shoutbox have suddenly stopped working. I am at a loss to know why. Shoutbox does not rely on the rms server but it is not working, different problem I suppose. Chat is not working and according to my rms host, everything is fine there end.

What can be the problem? any ideas?

Many thanks,


Hey Stuart,

Your shoutbox loads on my end. At first your site seemed to load a little slow for a few moments, but a few minutes later and everything seems normal and loads normal. I see your shoutbox on your homepage with a Dave and Jane has entered a few things. I don't see the text area where I could enter text, I am guessing you have shoutbox customized for member only can enter text maybe?

Aside from that I do see it. I cannot verify your chat as it requires membership.

Hello gameutopia, many thanks for your reply.

The Shoutbox should be fully functional, you should be able to add text.

I cannot see the Shoutbox or load Chat. I have two sites, on the other one the Shoutbox and chat work fine. They are both on the same server.

What could affect Shoutbox and chat, chat being a Ray program relying on an rms server?

any ideas?

All the best,


Well if you messed with anything lately you never know. If you are using the free rms from boonex for chat, and it doesn't load or just a spinning disk I wouldn't be surprised. I gave up on the free boonex rms server a long time ago. I never could get the free one to work after dolphin 6.0x. With dolphin 6.0x rms it did work but went down and messed up a lot. After dolphin 6.1x they have added the new ray rms version with new port configurations for this version, I had nothing but trouble. I usually recommend a 3rd party rms for best results and up-time.

But your shoutbox wouldn't be affected by rms. If it was working perfect one minute and you didn't touch anything I would kind of lean towards the host changing something. If you made any changes recently undo-them or reverse the order if it's not a big long process and see if anything changes.

It doesn'tlook like a license issue as you see a "not registered" in the center of shoutbox.

If you have any music uploaded to gallery or profile how are those players working? Check some of the other widgets and see if it is any others.

I have even seen on rare occasions .htaccess messing up certain parts of widgets.