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Boonex Search is not reliable

I mean, why on Earth would Boonex uses Google Indexes as a source for their users query. Out of 7000 pages I submitted through my sitemap. Only 24 pages were indexed. And these pages are increasing everyday. Horrible.... This is horrible... Sealed

I didn't even realize they had a google search. I know the blogs you can basically only search by tags, which is pretty difficult to find what you are looking for. The forums search works but it seems you have to be fairly vague or simple I guess I would call it. Otherwise you don't get many results if any.

Never tried the google search feature at boonex. I'll have to try this out one of these days and see how what kind of results I get from it.

i think Sphider is much better.. Ive tried sphider and gonna implement it.. tell me what u think.. i will show you how it works and the links.. its an amazing free products.. the searches are amazing..but no iamges or video searches

simply text.. ill submit my sphider links later

Sounds good keep us posted, you never know what or when others might benefit from too. There are a ton of free scripts out there that are great. I think if some of these free scripts had a little more documentation and screen shots or demos people might try them more often. Then again dolphin lacks documentation too.

I've actually tried a few free scripts and they are great. I would have tried many sooner and more often if I could see them in action, and knew they were fast and easy to setup.

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