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Boonex SEO Questions

We now Boonex has a lot of SEO problems:

  • Title tags and meta descriptions are not unique
  • Duplicate content
  • URL Structure are not optimal and so on...

I bought the script All Dolphin SEO Plugin and I think it solve some of the problems. The Flashdaweb team is  working now on next improvements, so if you have suggestions wrote to them, so we can improve the  Boonex Searchengines optimisation skills.

I have some questions to Boonex and the searchengines, maybe I am not right  with this what I wrote here, but I think this questions concern also a lot of other users and we can discuss this issues!



1. Produce the Boonex Tagclouds duplicate Content?

I have a lot indexed sites with  with the url. strusture  /search/tag/userxxx  So the user are not unique indexed

2. Produce other files like search.php or browse.php also duplicate content???

If I write in google: I get a lot of the same sites ( Same title and description-but it is solved by all seo        script) And a lot of  /search/tag/    and  /browse.php?

Duplicate content?

Boot out-brake, because google boot fill out forms?

Shoud we disallow search.php and browse.php in robots.txt ? Maybe more?

3. Are (or shoud) the tagclouds be linked as "no index follow"? So they do not make duplicate content?

4. Anchor text of the tagclouds??? Are the link text always the same: "count"??? (Not good for internal linking) How to make it dynamic and make it: tagtext=linktext? (Iam right? Coud it be better?)

5. If the site is multi lingual, all languages and profiles are indexed in all languages with still the same description and title. Are this duplicate content? Soud we disallow the indexing of other languages???

6. Is it meaningfully that the index/ main site ara full of all modules? Produce it DC???

So at first are this the questions which are important for SEO! But how deals Dolphin with it????

I hope we can constructionally talk about it! I hope also that this forum remains clean of unqualifikated comments of persons who didnt have any idea just collect backlinks!!! This topics are to important!!!



I've heard some good things about the flashdaweb seo mod/plugin. I think many are waiting to see what the new dolphin release will bring in terms of enhancements and fixes such as better seo. Although I wouldn't be in a big hurry to upgrade to the new version without testing it for an extended amount of time. I do believe many are holding off spending too much money on dolphin 6.1x mods until the new release.

Definitely Dolphin needs better seo. Something like blogs will pull the title of the actual blog, where an article won't.

You can see part of the difference here:

$_page['header'] = $oBlogs->GetHeaderString();
$_page['header_text'] = $oBlogs->GetHeaderString();

$_page['header'] = _t( "_ARTICLES_H", $site['title'] );
$_page['header_text'] = _t( "_ARTICLES_H1" );

The blogs are getting the info based on the blog title, and the articles are using a language key which is fixed.

Hopefully they will have a better implementation in the new release.

I sometimes create a custom header to change the title, description, keywords for an article on occassion. It gets a little more confussing to manage but it works for me. Keywords are not as important to me anymore. I don't see much improvement in using them. The biggest thing is the title, description, and well written article/blog/etc with keywords in the text of the post.

There are several pages I don't really think are that important for google to index. Any page that requires a login to see the content to me is not really that important. What is the point of indexing a page that nobody can see. If a visitor lands on a login page they can't do anything with it anyway. Most likely they will be gone as soon as they got there.

Anyway if Boonex wants to be competitive and up to date, not only will they want to keep up on the new technologies but also SEO.

There are a number of other things that really need improving on. Hopefully we will see more than just a few little ones.

Yes I hope they change it, but I thik the community have to more presure exert to dolphin. We need to post and ask  more about SEO  and structure for Dolphin. Becouse that is not a matter for boonex but for us! They shoud take a look on wordpress. Thera are excellent SEO solutions... Boonex looks like a permanent Beta!


What I mean with duplicate content is, that google dont have problems with indexing this content but they get meybe penelty points and this serps falling down. That are big discussion for wordpress about tagclouds and "no index follow"


LOOK  for example at this:  How to make a Wordpress Blog Duplicate Content Safe

It is importatt that the same content is not in several sections like profile - search tags - browse - main page. That is the same with blogs or articles. Wordpres try to eliminate the problem with DC. I think thats also important for Boonex - profiles, articles, blogs...


Tagclouds are good for the internal linking. (AND THE LINKTEXT IN A LINK  ARE VERY IMPORTANT)  What is the link text in Boonex  Tag clouds???


BUT tagclouds shout be "no index follw" so that the  boot can follow the links but dont indexing the content in a several sections! I think most of us dont think about this issues, But thats realy important!!!!

I started my site in September and wanted to target searches for "business networking online" - So I went with that and already show on the 2nd page of googles search and 1st page of yahoo.

I do get some errors with multiple tags/titles through webmaster tools, but I am happy with the ranking after only 3 months.

Google is constantly pushing for nofollow. It is very common in wordpress. They pressure them to use nofollow for the comments. Even blogspot is setup like this by default, but they are a google run site so that makes sense.

Some people like nofollow and some don't. I personally like dofollow. Certain links do not need to be followed and certain pages don't need to be followed. They really aren't that important to have google bot follow them.

Google don't like the big sites with high pagerank to have dofollow. They think they are purposely selling links on their high pr site to pass along the pr to the site being linked.

Some say they penalize them for doing that. Instead, google tells them to use nofollow links instead. Then, nobody wants a link on the site anymore.

Seems like whatever google says or wants goes. Which is a bummer.

Some of the links in Dolphin if you do not like dofollow you can simply add the nofollow attribute. It's just a matter of finding the code and adding link rel="nofollow".

Wordpress is much better optimized for seo. Some wordpress sites will be indexed by google in a matter of minutes. I'm not kidding.

There was a member of unity that I know a while back that kept pressuring about how Dolphin is not SEO friendly and needs work. None of the boonex fellows commented on it. They ignored it, but hopefully this is still on their minds for the next release.

Ok I understand but I mean "NO INDEX,    BUT  follow" They have always to follwo BUT NO INDEX! Ok. maybe my english is not so good. I mean Duplicate conent on the own site! Follow is Ok. But if the google bot is follow its dont have to index the same thikg again in second section!!!!!!!!

I think I see what you are saying. Index one page and follow, but don't index the next page it's following if it's the same/duplicate content or page.

There are many links to page that could potentially be considered duplicate or borderline.

Even the forum feeds could almost be pushing it.

For example this very forum post here:

There is a feed with similar/duplicate content at:

The two of them are extremely similar and I don't know that google likes that so much either. Google has a much harder time indexing the orca forums compared to blogs, articles, pictures, profile pages, etc. for some reason.

I agree with you I don't like duplicates, but not a whole lot I can do. Just hope for the best in the new release.

What I would like to see is the ability to set the title, description, keywords, robots, etc...everything in the <head></head> for each and every page in the dolphin admin panel.

I kind of doubt that will happen but it would save me a lot of work creating custom pages. At the very least I hope they come up with some way of changing the title and description. These two are the most important to me in getting at or near the top of a google search result page.

Meybe you are right.. I agre with you that it is so important to set the the mata tags and title in the admin! I think this took can it:


Did you menn some like this?

But I hope the guys from boonex or from the tool of flash da web  All SEO toot make it!


And in this time, do you have a link how t set this options himself?

That one looks even better than the flashdaweb one, unless the flashdaweb does all the custom titles, keywords, description for each page like this one seems to do. Some of these mods are good but not eveyone has $40-$50 to spend on 5-10 different mods, not to mention the dolphin license on top of that.

I sometimes just create a custom header.html page, with a different title, keywords, and description. It works good for articles or simply creating a brand new custom page like jokes.php or something. Not so well with some of the other pages, and it can be a lot of extra work. But so could the seo mods at expertzzz.

I really hope the do have the option like the one you mentioned at expertzzz to add much more customization like that. As far as I recall wordpress has had a plugin like that for a long time now, and it Free if I remember right.

If I want to create a page myself with custom title, keywords, and description I create a php page. Either I copy one of the standard dolphin php pages and add the language key for the title in admin panel. Or I add the header title to the php page.

Then when you see this part in a new page you are making for example:
$_page['name_index']    = 49;
$_page['css_name']        = 'links.css';

49 means page_49.html in the template folder like

So I usually make a new one instead like 999 maybe.

So I change to:
$_page['name_index']    = 999;
$_page['css_name']        = 'links.css';
In the file I am creating.

Then I make a html page called page_999.html and put it in the template folder

Now in page_999.html I make referrence to a brand new header which contains the custom title, keywords, and description like so:
__include _headercustom.html__
<div class="clear_both"></div>
<div class="clear_both"></div>
__include _footer.html__

Then I make the _headercustom.html page this one needs to be in the base template folder though or it wont work like:

Within the file you add all your keywords, title, description just like normal html page like:
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en-US" lang="en-US">
<base href="__site_url__" />
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=__page_charset__" />

<meta name="description" content="Your Custom Description" />
<meta name="keywords" content="You custom keywords, or phrases, etc" />
<meta name="robots" content="index,follow">
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico" >

<meta http-equiv="Content-Style-Type" content="text/css" />
<link href="__css_dir__general.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<link href="__css_dir__anchor.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<script src="inc/js/functions.js" type="text/javascript" language="javascript"></script>
<script>var urlIconLoading = '__images__loading.gif';</script>
<script src="plugins/jquery/jquery.js" type="text/javascript" language="javascript"></script>
<script src="plugins/jquery/jquery.jfeed.js" type="text/javascript" language="javascript"></script>
<script src="inc/js/jquery.dolTopMenu.js" type="text/javascript" language="javascript"></script>
<script src="inc/js/jquery.dolRSSFeed.js" type="text/javascript" language="javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
$(document).ready( function() { //onload
//apply top menu functionality
$( 'table.topMenu' ).dolTopMenu();

//apply rss aggregator
sClockIcon = '__images__icons/clock.gif';
$( 'div.RSSAggrCont' ).dolRSSFeed();
} );
<script src="inc/js/ie7_flash_fix.js" type="text/javascript" language="javascript"></script>
<script src="inc/js/classes/BxDolVoting.js" type="text/javascript" language="javascript"></script>
<!--[if lt IE 7.]>
<script defer type="text/javascript">
var site_url = '__site_url__';
<script defer type="text/javascript" src="inc/js/pngfix.js"></script>




<!--[if lt IE 7]>
<![if gte IE 5.5]>
<style type="text/css">
.subMenu {
border-bottom:3px solid #8D8D8D;

<div id="FloatDesc" style="position:absolute;display:none;z-index:100;"></div>

<div id="login_div" class="login_ajax" onclick="var t = ( || event.srcElement ); if ( t == this ) $('#login_div').hide();"></div>

This is kind of long and confusing. I'll see if I can find some time to write up a better description for you and others. It seems long and complicated, but really it can be fairly fast and simple once you get the hang of it. You can either use the <title>__page_header__</title> if you declare it in the php file or language key, or if you don't change to <title>You Custom Page Title</title>

Thx, cool idea. I have an other question. I now I am monotematically :-) Its about??? Yes, duplicat content. If my site have three languages, the site is indexed three times. That is duplicate content, or not? the same profiles are indexed with the same descriptions and titles three times, just with the ending ?de or ?pl. Is it ok? Shout I disallow the other languages for google???

Hey it's cool chime in anytime with whatever it on your mind!

Generally I see a site with more than one language as preferred in most discussions. It will often get more pages indexed because you got the same page as 1 page english, 1 page spanish, 1 page other. Many claim they prefer this because there is a chance they will get someone looking at their site in another language that they wouldn't have got without it.

Google is smart but I don't know that they would determine it as duplicate content as the text on the page from one language to another would be very different.

I would add more languages to this site, but I was always a little skeptical because I would really like to know what it says in another language and make sure it makes sense in the others. Since I don't speak german for example, I honestly would know if my article makes sensen in german.

Hi i think you are right with this to. And at tha realy last about it. Again that google fill out forms. So the search.php produce so lot of same snippets. Is it ok to have so much same looking google snippets with the same title and description?  There are hunderts of them:screenshot

I have a bunch that look similar too. So far I haven't been penalized that I can tell from Google. Sometimes I do create a custom header with a different title and description like I mentioned, but lately I just post them as normal to save time. It is kind of a bummer that we don't have more control over titles and descriptions as a default option in dolphin.

Sure, but if you can see the url, there are two files which are produscing the same sites that is search.php and browse.php One of them prduce for each tag cloud a extra site with the same description and title. I think you can not change it manual for each new tag cloud. Is it not better do disallow search.php in .htacess?

I have sometimes but not with all sitemapgenerators the problem, that the spider of the programm comes to the join.php or calender (I dont now) and try to create a entry for each day,month and year  for the sitemap. It takes houers. The spider cant come out. That just a sitemap programm but maybe the spider can have a simmilar problem with calender, or join.php It is just a assumption.

If those are search results from doing an actual search in google it seems hard to imagine that google would have a search result indexed. I could see it indexing your search page, but hard to imagine google actually entering some kind of search term/word and then indexing the result.

The only way I could imagine this happening if there was a link posted somewhere on your site or anywhere else on the web that was

Now if someone posted that or it was posted on your site somewhere, then I could possibly understand google finding it and indexing it. If the link exists and it's a follow link, google will follow it and index it.

The google bot is smart I guess you never know. I don't recall seeing any of these in my google indexed pages, but I don't often look at all my pages there are just too many for me to check.

"Meta Tag Control allows you to use your own meta per page.
This free mod has been integrated into the admin console for easy management. This free mod has been tested for Dolphin Version 6.1.4"  Just found it on there, I dunno if it works or not tho.  Just thought I would let you all know.   Cuz I get tagged bad by google for having the same tags and description.

I saw this, sounds good this new mod. I hope it will work with the all in on seo Tool?!

Everyone tells thats thera are not not a problem with adittional languages in dolphin and duplicate content. BUT google webmaster tools sad somethink different. I have a lot duplicate titles, 2200 duplicate title tags and a lot duplicate meta descriptions. The reason are the additional languages.

For example:



The webmaster tools say DUPLICATE TITLE TAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What can we do???

You can avoid duplicate content of boonex with the robots.txt you can see the solution here:

how it works and why dolphin has problems with dc and how to avoid you can reade here:





To remamber boonex have dc problems with the langs IDs and a lot ajax page

If you open on the index page in the ajax profiles box the tab top (in new window) it opens the url:


random profiles:


Thats are in each tab new urls of the same site!!!

You can handle it with robots.txt of flashdaweb!!!