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Backlink Spam - Referrer Spam

I saw last time a lot of bad links to my site nearly 100 from sex and porno sites! Thats not good for pagerank. Google says that is not a problem but thats not tru!


Whats happent?! Some SEOs try to make a concurent site down with bad links.

With this tool you can see who are linking to you: Free Backlink Chacker


In my case a take a look to the links and if I clicke to the link source all links gos to a other site. In this case to


A example:


this link are linking to my site:


but if I click this link I come to


Whats this? Is this a XSS Cross site scripting using the vulnerabillity in boonex?

My questions are,

have someone sillilar problems?

Have somebody a idea for bad links linking to our sites??????

Hey not sure exactly what you are getting at?

Is there any chance that there are some .php files on your site that shouldn't be?

Seems to be a while back there were some dolphin hacks going around. Various php files would show up on the host named many different things from random numbers to time.php and names you wouldn't normally be looking for.

The files were base64 encoded that contained links to a number of adult/smut sites similar to what you mention. Since they were encoded most people were under the impression they were legit. When decoded it becomes apparent that they are to unwanted sites.

But really there is no way to prevent a site to linking to your site. Whether good, bad, wanted or unwanted.

Not sure how tuned into Dolphin you are, but you might double check your folders for suspicious files. Generally they will tend to show up in folders/directories with 777 permission setting.

I dont now what is wrong and what is the issu! I repeat the problem. If I take a look on the links which are linking to me and click this links I am redirect to an other site, not on the site which is linking to me.


I take a look I didnt  see other files in my directories (meybe I overlooked those) and I didnt see any external links in the database.


Im not sure is a problem of me? This links are to me (not from me) and gos to a third site. I am hacked or are hacked the sites which are linking to me?


I was thinking you were referring to your site and your own links. If you mean another site has your link on their web page, but when you click on it goes to an adult site then this would be more about the site in question not yours.

Maybe they don't like you, maybe they were hacked.

I don't remember how I found it but sometime back I noticed in my logs that someone was coming to my site by means of some odd adult name/link. So I go and check it out and I couldn't find my link on the site anywhere. I didn't spend much time with it.

It is still a very good idea to keep a handle on any and all dolphin related folders/directories and more often the ones with 777 permissions. These are the ones that audio, video, pictures and things get uploaded to. Since they are writeable they are the ones that you will most often find unwanted files in. If you have other folders/directories on your host not related to dolphin that are 777 they can show up there too. So it is always a good idea to check on occasion.

There have been a number of posts regarding the guestbook getting spammed with a bunch of unwanted links and content. You might want to check the guestbook in the database just for the heck of it too.

O yes! My guestbook was bombed thausend of times in a minute!!!! I dissabled the guestbook and delated the file. I hope that is not a big problem for the system...

And to the other thing with the backlinks. Yes they came from  many other sites and goes always to I think to that is not my problem if they come from outsite. But 100 links are a lot. And I can not understand the mechanism why they linking to my and how coud it be that the links (if I click it) lands on a completly different page. And those are not one or two links but 100! Thats a lot!

The guestbook generally isn't used by members that much anyway on most sites. When it is you find it's used for spam and other junk more often than anything. I don't use. I keep hearing about similar experiences and wonder if others are having problems related to the guestbook. There was some code going around a while back you could add to guestbook, but I just don't really have the need to deal with it for the little bit it is used. If anyone does use the guestbook it is something you will want to keep an eye on and check the guestbook entries in the database regularly.