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Automatic Reply Notifications

I am still working on a modification for the forums that will email you an automatic notification when a topic has been replied too by someone.

It will require you to flag the topic/post to begin with. Once you have flagged a topic and someone replies to it you will get an email notification to the email you used to sign up at this site.

I was working on it and I am about 1/2 way done with it, but had to set it aside temporarily. I am hoping to finish it up and test it over the next week.

Sounds great - it makes it much easier to communicate over the forums also

any success in it yet?

This was something I was working on for Dolphin 6.1x. JT aka James Tadeo of the Boonex Nerd made it for Dolphin 6.0x originally. It needed some work and adjusting for at that time the new Dolphin 6.1x. I got busy, and James is always busy working on something too. So I kind of set it asside and then we had word of the new Dolphin 7 so I really get back to it because everything would most likely change again.

It may need a big overhaul, and it may need a total overhaul to make work. I have had so many things to work on and get done, I really haven't had much time for this one lately.

With Dolphin 7 being reletively new yet, there is just so much going on right now.

It could be something to look at again in the future though.