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Adding the Iframe

gameutopia - I read the article on adding an iframe to Dolphin. Could you change out the Orca forums to say phpbb3 with this? I was just curious. Good article by the way.

People have tried this in the past, and you can get phpbb3 or other to load in your Dolphin by this method. The potential problem or drawback is without additional modification to Dolphin/phpbb3 your members won't be automatically logged into phpbb3. If they login to Dolphin and visit phpbb3 they will have to login again by means of phpbb3 login. So for many this is not reasonable.

There are some mods out there that will auto-log your member into phpbb after logging into Dolphin, but they are not free.

There were a few free mods to make this auto-login to both happen in the past, but most of the ones I looked at had some kind of drawback. Some reported good results, while others had problems.

The only ones I read about that worked well were the $60 mods.

There are a lot of possibilities with using the iframe. Many modders actually use this method a lot. Some have even sold some simple mod which is basically an iframe to another site or similar.

It also comes in handy if you want to create a custom .html page and include it in your site. The .html page could be located anywhere on your host really. And since most people are familiar with .html it's much easier for them.

You can even load an external .html page into a block on your main/index.php page using the iframe. You would have to play around a bit with sizes, but it is possible. I've done this in the past.

I used your iframe instructions to add a comment graphics site within my dolphin site and it worked perfectly. Thanks very much

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