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Adding additional text on Groups page

Another question please:

I want to add some text on the groups page, preferably in the Top Groups box, above the list of groups.  It is too much text to add using the language settings.

How do I find the page to add this and must I add any sort of code?

Also if I wanted to add text on individual group pages how could I do that.

Basically what I am trying to do is add a disclaimer that members must do their own due diligence before becoming involved in any business opportunities advertised within the groups.

Thanks for any help

I don't use groups on this site. I have played around with them a bit but nothing intense. Like orca there are php, js, and xsl files.

For the time being until you track it down you might create a sort of warning or disclaimer page. Kind of a pre-group page. Have your warning or disclaimer then to continue or proceed click here which would take them to the standard group page.

The only drawback would be it would be kind of repetitive to your regular visitors. But you could also maybe in the main navigation bar where visitors get a link to the group disclaimer, but a logged in member gets a link to the normal groups in the navigation menu. This would make it a little more pleasant for regular members. Just a thought.