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Adding Social Bookmarks to Blogs

I was finally able to get this one going, so figured I would share with your readers considering all the help you have given me. I am sure that somebody will profect this.

First of all, the shortcut way of doing this is to put all of the possible shortcuts into a pop up menu and put them all under one button. Mine looks like Sharethis button but you will have some options here. Rather than attempt to create something like this for ourselves, let's let somebody do it for us. You can get this through the site Click "Get your button" in the left column. Then select which button you want - you can also do this for rss buttons. After you follow the prompts and fill out the registration - they give you a code to copy and paste.



Edit: public_html/templates/tmpl_uni/page_49.html

And paste the code that you copied from addthis between




__include _footer.html__


Save it and it will add the button to share at the bottom of your blog page, when the user clicks the button they can submit the blogs content to sites like Digg or Myspace, Facebook, Furl, Newsvine, and many more.


Good luck hopefully somebody will improve on thi

Thanks for posting. This is one of the features so many other scripts have available in blogs. I'm sure it will be something a lot of people will be looking for. And something I'll look into shortly myself.

Would be nice if I could have figured out how to force the button at the bottom of the users blog post without them seeing the code. I just don't have a clue about how to do that. So for now the button is below the users blog entry

I plugged you and your site on my blog since you showed me where the correct placement of the button should have been

I don't think there is a perfect right way or wrong way of doing anything. It's a matter of preference for most people. And most people prefer the easier the better. Editing .html files in the template folder/directory is by far the easiest route to go. If there is any chance of editing those files to get the results you are looking for than I would certainly do that. Php files can be very big files and a real pain to edit.

It would be nice if there was a little more one can do with .html files in the template directory. But you certainly can do things with them with a little playing around and imagination.

Thanks for the plug.

well, i really prefer the share button within the blog content - underneath the tags is also perfect in my opinion. I really don't see how this could be done with the .html templates no matter how creative.

Thanks for your help ;)

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