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Add Comment at top of Comments

Is it possible to move the 'add comment' to the top of the Comment area instead of below all the comments?

There are instructions at Expertzzz but these do not work with 6.1.4


I was thinking you might be referring to this post at expertzzz.

Post Comment @ Top of Comments:

That post would appear to be from an earlier Dolphin version, probably 6.0x. When reading over the post it would seem fairly simple for that version.

Dolphin has changed a bit since then and quickly browsing over a few related files would appear that this was changed.

It might be a possibility. There would be some code that is calling up the comments. Generally it's a matter of finding it. Then, changing it to do what you want. Sometimes this is very easy, and sometimes not so easy.

I only briefly looked over the files and don't see a simple solution right off hand. I will try to explore the related files again if I get a chance.

Otherwise I would look at the bxbaseprofileview.php in /templates/base/scripts also look in the /inc folder and /inc/classes and /inc/js and explore related files to comments. Open files and look for comment related functions.