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A Couple Shared Photo Questions

First ?

I've been wondering if there is an easy way to add code to create a picture bulk upload. It would make my uploading a whole hell of a lot easier by being able to toss up 10 at a time.I think I went through the Boonex mods a week ago, and I don't remember seeing something like this.

Second ?

I want to change how my Shared Photo page looks by having the picture in the middle between a "Previous" and "Next" clickable thumbnails, so browsing through all of the pictures is much easier. I haven't yet tried modifying it through Admin Panel, so I might find it right there for me, and probably feel stupid.

I don't know that you can do a bulk upload for the photo's as you are prompted for a title and description for each. If one was to simply add another browse for photo button most likely it wouldn't work or screw up. I never tried it. It would be fairly easy to add another upload button for another file but, I would suspect it would cause some conflict or confusion in the database.

If it was a upload to just a directory like ftp to a folder on your host that might be a different story.

Maybe some modification and this might work. Something that would create a separate database entry for each file being uploaded rather than 1.

I don't think you will find what you are looking for on the second part in the admin panel. You might edit the /inc/classes/

You might be able to do the same for profile related pictures in one of the files related to profiles.

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