ChatPlus - Rocket.Chat Automator

Additional information and details coming soon!

In the meantime please see:
ChatPlus Automator (CentOs)
ChatPlus Automator (Ubuntu)
ChatPlus Automator (CentOs/Ubuntu)

$25 CentOs version
$25 Ubuntu Version
$35 both CentOs and Ubuntu Versions

Automates the process of installing ChatPlus / Rocket.Chat in a quick easy to understand manner. Answer a few simple questions, copy a few lines of code to ChatPlus / Rocket.Chat Administration, and configure it to your needs.

All the difficult, confusing, and hard parts of installing are done for you.

Choice of simple or standard mode. Simple Mode for fast easy installation, and Standard Mode for more control of where and what to install such as selecting a custom port.

Simple Mode does not require installing or configuring additional Apache Modules as it installs to a subdomian on port 80, which can be http (Non-SSL) or forwarding https (SSL) to port 80. Technically this install (Simple Mode) will work on other webservers such as NGINX, LiteSpeed, etc.

Standard Mode does require installing additional Apache Modules. Instructions are generated based on Apache, so it is required. You could technically still use it on other webservers if you have knowledge, however instructions are based on Apache Webserver only.

Works with both Dolphin Pro 7.3.3x and higher and UNA.

Overall the process is very similar to my RMS Auto-Installer.