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A while back I decided to add a Wordpress base blog to this site. At first I was a little reluctant and I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to go this route. Here it is barely 5 months later, and I am telling myself I wish I had added it sooner.You might be wondering
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It is difficult to compare Boonex Dolphin to Wordpress. Dolphin is more for social networking and dating types of sites, and Wordpress is a blogging platform. Obviously both can be used for a variety of other types of websites if you want to spend some time making
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I have been playing around with Wordpress off and on in my spare time. I was thinking about trying my luck using it for a new website. I just don't know if I can commit enough time to it or not.I'm sure a lot of you have probably heard of Wordpress and maybe even
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I don't know if everyone is familiar with Wordpress or not. It's basically a blog script similar to Google's blogspot.It seems as though everyone and their uncle has a blog site these days. Enter the world of Wordpress.Although I haven't had time to actually insta
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