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For those of you upgrading from Dolphin 7.0.2 to 7.0.3 that are having problems compiling the Orca Forum Language you might try changing the /inc/header.inc.php file to reflect build 3, when you get to that point of the upgrade.If you try to compile Orca Forum dur
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So far the word is that Dolphin 6.1x will not be upgradeable to Dolphin 7x. Now even if for some reason that it does happen to be upgradeable there will most likely be some complaints, problems, or other issues.As I am sitting here thinking about this, one of the
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Apparently we have a new Dolphin upgrade recently released. From what I gather it is primarily a license update with some minor bug fixes. After only one or two days of being released I already see tons of problems, complaints, or whatever you want to call them at
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