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Do you ever spend much time looking around Boonex Unity? Sometimes I look around and see what is happening and going on. I like to see what kind of ideas people have for Dolphin and what they might end up creating.You can find helpful posts and topics in the forum
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I still continue to get slow loading pages when I visit Boonex Unity. Sometimes Unity loads as expected, while other times it takes forever to load a simple blog or forum post. Lately it seems like it has been happening more frequently. It happened yesterday and a
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It appears Boonex is finally taking a step towards enabling some form of moderation at Unity from some regular members rather than all or pretty much Boonex staff or employees.This probably should have happened a long time ago, so I am kind of leaning towards it's
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So here is an odd ball I guess I would call it at Boonex Unity Blogs.Someone posted a Blog about Dolphin Registration.I posted a reply to this shortly afterwards.Several hours my reply was totally deleted and CyberXing replies to this and replies to his own reply.
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Funny how you see people posting a forum topic at Boonex...some question like it's the end of the world. Their site is the only Dolphin site that matters apparently. They tend to have a low number of posts like 1-10.They pop in ask for a quick fix, someone will te
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