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Cloudflare is a service that can help reduce attacks, bots, spam, and that kind of thing before it even reaches your site or server. And, it can be used with any type of website whether you use Dolphin or something else. It will even work with standard shared host
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I am starting to get a little irritated with the security settings in Dolphin 7. So far I haven't found a perfect number for "Total security impact threshold to send report" or "Total security impact threshold to send report and block aggressor". If you have tried
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The Big Man (Andrew Boon) at Boonex recently made a blog post at Boonex Unity about having a professional security audit done on Dolphin 7 by an independent specialist.   This is kind of interesting as I don't recall Boonex doing this with previous versio
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I have been a strong supporter of Firefox for years, and it has been my preferred choice when it comes to browsers. Not only for better security than Microsoft's Internet Explorer, but the number of Free Addon's available for Firefox just can't be matched by any o
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