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The past few years high speed internet has been getting faster and available in more rural locations. Dsl and cable internet companies have been pushing faster download and upload speeds for a few years now. Almost trying to out do one another by offering faster s
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Microsoft recently released or put out Internet Explorer 9 stable or final version whatever you want to call it. There were a number of beta and rc versions available to test out or use, but it looks like now it has progressed into a regular standard version.I hav
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It is amazing how much one internet service provider can vary from one to the next, at least here in the U.S.My provider was Verizon for several years. They would be considered a rather large corporation here. I never really had a problem with their service, and I
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The possibility of the internet has been around longer than most of probably know. However, the internet that we know really didn't gain popularity until the 1990's. And even in the 1990's it was quite a bit different, much more simpler than what we have today.I r
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What should we do about IE6 (Internet Explorer 6)?We know that Boonex has stopped development and supporting IE6 for Dolphin. I know some people still like it for some reason, which is beyond me. Perhaps they are afraid to upgrade or they fear they will lose some
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I got hooked on the internet and technology early on when it was beginning to boom. I don't know how many others did as well. I was just thinking back to when I first started playing around with it. I want to say the year must have been somewhere around 1995-1998.
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