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We often here about web hosting control panels like cPanel/WHM, Plesk, Virtualmin/Webmin, but we don't here about some of the less popular ones very often.One of my favorites for testing is CentOs Web Control Panel. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles as th
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I have been using Digital Ocean and Vultr for quite a while now. Years actually. These 2 hosts make it easy to get a VPS up and running with your preferred Linux Distro in mere seconds.I use them all the time to test my RMS Auto Installer and ChatPlus Automator. I
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Is it possible to get a decent VPS for a reasonable or affordable price? That's a good question, and that may depend on your definition of affordable.Notice I didn't use good and cheap in the same sentence. I have a difficult time coming to a conclusion that somet
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Somehow I stumbled upon a few hosting companies that Boonex used to recommend for dolphin hosting the other night.I guess I wanted to see what some of the other companies were up to and if they still had a dolphin hosting page or not. I look over several of them a
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I've been doing a little research and testing Dolphin 7 with vps hosting. I used to think vps was a good alternative to a dedicated server. Which, I guess they could be in terms of price.It might depend on the vps hosting company. How much cpu power, ram, space, a
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I still keep reading and hearing about people looking for the cheapest possible web hosting they can for dolphin. Quite often I read about people searching for free hosting for some reason. Now I don't absolutely hate free or cheap hosts, but generally you do get
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I am still trying to figure out what brings people to Godaddy hosting to begin with. Is it the name? Is it the price? A combination, or something else?Although Godaddy works well for .html sites and some simpler scripts, it doesn't work that well for power users.
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