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I don't know how many people actually follow or pay attention to Google Pagerank updates. I do follow updates, but don't spend a lot of time with them. After an update, I check a few pages to see if I notice any changes that stand out. I don't have time to do a bu
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Google recently released their +1 button and the website owner and webmaster world seems to be buzzing. It is sort of Google's version of the Facebook Like button. Who would have thought that a simple little button would cause such a stir.I knew it was coming and
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Google recently added a dictionary feature to the left hand panel or menu in search results. Although I do not look up words in a dictionary that often it may be regarded as a helpful tool or feature for some users. I don't know how well sites like http://dictiona
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Google has been working on a new +1 button for search results. They recently began rolling this out in search results and ads on Google.com. If it works out I assume it will be added to other country specific Google sites as well. It is kind of early to tell how
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I recently wrote about Google's big algorithm change that was fairly big compared to what we normally would see or expect from them.There are still a lot of people and site owners a little ticked off about the changes. As far as I understand it is supposed to redu
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On February 24th, 2011 Google announced a major algorithm change that affects search results. We know they make frequent changes to their algorithm on a regular basis. Usually it is very subtle and often unnoticeable, affecting just a very small percentage of resu
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It seems that Google is creating quite a stir recently over Bing copying Google search results to some extent. It is a bit confusing and hard to follow. I am kind of neutral on the topic, but it is interesting reading.Apparently Google made some kind of searches w
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Google has finally updated Pagerank today January 20, 2011.In the past we assumed or expected a 3 to 4 month interval between Google Pagerank updates. This time around approximately 9 months has passed. People were even suggesting maybe it was discontinued or bein
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Google recently announced they are highlighting or providing a link within search results for sites that have been compromised. Exactly how they determine this or what the criteria who knows for sure.Whether this is a good thing or not I am not sure either. They p
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Google Voice has been out and available for a while now. I am not too sure how it would benefit the entire world. So far, it seems to be geared towards Canada and U.S. users. Whether Google expands or intends to provide more service to the rest of the world or not
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