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There is no doubt Facebook dominates the social networking world. One can't help wondering if they are taking a bite out of smaller competing websites traffic. Just how big that bite happens to be remains a good question that would be difficult to answer. I can o
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I see more and more Boonex Dolphin based websites that appear to look more like Facebook. The obvious noticeable thing is the actual template or design, but sometimes other features as well.I guess it's a popularity thing. People want to imitate and copy Facebook'
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We all know how popular Facebook has become. Everywhere you look there is a Facebook like button. Facebook is constantly in the news, it's on cell phones, in our cars, you name it.I keep hearing about how Facebook is worth X-Billions of dollars. And, how Mark Zuck
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For a while when Myspace was more popular everyone wanted their Dolphin site to look like and have similar features as Myspace. Now along comes the Facebook popularity and the same thing happens. Everyone wants Facebook like features, design, layout, you name it.
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I don't know if any of you have heard of Facebook Purity or not. I recently stumbled upon it almost by accident. I had been looking for something like it for a long time.It is a FREE Grease Monkey Addon script for Firefox. Which means you need Firefox web browser,
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Facebook to Charge a Fee......   Now i dont know if any of you use facebook, i myself am a big user of it, and just recently there are rumours that facebook are going to charge 4 dollars a month for some of it usage. Now i dont know if any of this is true,
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I have been following Alexa's Traffic Rank for Facebook and Yahoo the past few weeks, and Facebook has finally taken the number 2 spot from Yahoo. This is quite an accomplishment for a relatively young site like Facebook when compared to how long Yahoo has been ar
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Once again Twitter makes headlines. This time a Ddos attack. Just a few weeks ago someone was able to gain access to Twitter and get a number of private documents including financial data. This brings up the question just how safe is Twitter. Certainly the more po
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