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I don't know if any of you have messed with the various cache features in your Dolphin 7 Administration or not. I have played around with testing it the past few days. After a fresh install, some of it is enabled by default. I have tried enabling one at a time, an
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Dolphin 7.0.1 Milestone at 65% as of today February 4, 2010I haven't been following the progress of Dolphin 7.0.1 at Boonex Roadmap / Trac too much lately. I have been busy working on so many things that it slipped my mind.So today I decided to take a look around
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The more time I spend with Dolphin 7 the more I am finding that I just can't do in the administration panel. Some things I would like to change or adjust, but apparently they are not deemed as something that should be changeable. At least the simple way in Dolphin
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I am starting to get a little irritated with the security settings in Dolphin 7. So far I haven't found a perfect number for "Total security impact threshold to send report" or "Total security impact threshold to send report and block aggressor". If you have tried
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One thing I can't help thinking and wondering about is if Dolphin 7 will consume more resources than the previous 6.1x version. I haven't conducted any thorough testing yet. I know that ffmpeg.exe used for converting video/movie uploads to .flv/.mpg formats is ver
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As expected I have seen a ton of posts at Boonex Unity regarding Dolphin 7. From how do I do this, to this don't work, or this is broke, etc. Some things you just aren't going to be able to do or make happen. This is the case with any script. I have yet to find a
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It's barely been a few hours since Boonex released Dolphin 7 RC, and already I see a number of people using it on a live site. This is fine and dandy, but I've even seen a few sites that have basically did away with their Dolphin 6.1x site completely. The kicker i
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Today Boonex released Dolphin 7 RC. If you are a Boonex Unity member you probably received an automated email about this, and are probably already aware of this. If not you can find more details including the Dolphin 7 RC download here:Dolphin 7 RC   RC g
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Boonex released Dolphin 7 Beta 8 on October 28, 2009. The blog post at Boonex Unity by unoboonex says that it includes a Dolphin 6 to Dolphin 7 data transfer script. Which seems to imply that you can update your Dolphin 6 database to Dolphin 7. So far, I haven't s
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The Big Man (Andrew Boon) at Boonex recently made a blog post at Boonex Unity about having a professional security audit done on Dolphin 7 by an independent specialist.   This is kind of interesting as I don't recall Boonex doing this with previous versio
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