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It appears Boonex is getting closer to releasing Dolphin 7.0.4. If you take a look at Trac:http://www.boonex.com/trac/dolphin/roadmapYou can see at the time of this posting they are down to 4 active tickets remaining and it's at 95% complete. Assuming there are no
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Since there are so many browsers out there now and they can't seem to agree on a standard or how to do things there can be a few display issues or errors with Dolphin 7 from one browser to another.Boonex announced a while back that they will no longer support Inte
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Is it just me or do we really need all these Dolphin 7 Modules? I mean they are kind of cool and a nice idea and all that, but I keep thinking there is almost too many by Boonex anyway.The 3rd party modules are fine I am not too concerned about them, at least at t
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Boonex recently posted a blog at Unity regarding speed improvements for Dolphin. Most of it seems to be hosting related, or more specifically a mysql configuration change.They suggest adjusting the my.cnf file. If you have some form of shared hosting this will not
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I think a lot of people tend to seek free Dolphin Templates. In the past in previous versions there seemed to be more free dolphin templates out there. Now in the current version you will find it much more difficult to find free dolphin 7 templates.There are still
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Let's face it Free is a very good price right? Many people at some point seek out free Dolphin templates, mods, and everything else they can get their hands on. There is nothing wrong with free Dolphin enhancements.Some seem to be of more quality than others. This
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Man I still can't believe how long this Dolphin 7.0.1 update/patch release has been taking. Currently, 256 closed tickets and 20 active tickets at 93% complete. I think Boonex posted a blog at Unity, maybe a few of them within the past couple of weeks about how it
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I still keep reading and hearing about people looking for the cheapest possible web hosting they can for dolphin. Quite often I read about people searching for free hosting for some reason. Now I don't absolutely hate free or cheap hosts, but generally you do get
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If you have been waiting for some kind of bug fix in particular while we continue waiting for the Dolphin 7.0.1 update / patch you might find what you are looking for at Boonex Trac. As the Boonex team continues updating and fixing tickets the updated files are av
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You will be able to make some basic standard modifications and customizations in your Dolphin 7 Administration. Depending on what you are trying to do this may only involve a few clicks of the mouse, or maybe just moving blocks around. It really varies depending o
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