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I am not sure if there are very many of you out there that have joined the Boonex Dolphin Affiliate program or not. I don't promote or advertise it that much. Over the course of 3+ years I never really earned much, or not enough to mess with advertising and promot
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Some time ago Boonex Affiliate commission rates were 20% of a sale. Then, they lowered the Boonex Affiliate Comission to 5% and after some complaining they also reduced the payout to $100. It has remained at 5% for well over a year now.Recently Boonex announced th
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I recently wrote a tutorial about how to add your Boonex Affiliate ID to the Boonex links in the Dolphin 7 Footers if you are using the free version which can be found here:Boonex Dolphin AffiliateAt the time I wrote it Boonex was providing a 20% sales commission
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