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I don't know if any of you caught Jeopardy last week or not. The internet was buzzing about it for a while.Now I am not normally into or a fan of Jeopardy that much. I find it a little on the boring side, but that is another story.It has sort of been labeled Man v
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You don't often hear about someone running Dolphin with SSL. I have seen a few occasional posts over at Boonex, but not many.When we see or hear about SSL we tend to think financial related sites. Things like banks, online shopping carts and checkouts, and that ki
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I have noticed a lot of hosting companies are giving new customers a free domain name with their hosting packages. At first thought it sounds like a good deal. After all everyone likes something for free.But, the more I think about it the more I begin to wonder ab
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It is amazing how much one internet service provider can vary from one to the next, at least here in the U.S.My provider was Verizon for several years. They would be considered a rather large corporation here. I never really had a problem with their service, and I
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Every time there is a new report out about web browser popularity or market share I see different numbers and stats. One will state Microsoft's Internet Explorer at the top, and another puts Mozilla Firefox in 1st place.This story on yahoo news Top Browser Share T
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The possibility of the internet has been around longer than most of probably know. However, the internet that we know really didn't gain popularity until the 1990's. And even in the 1990's it was quite a bit different, much more simpler than what we have today.I r
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